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[1%R] GameOver[LA]   added 360 Advanced days to [1%R] Clan
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[1%R] JejuDois [1%R]ozfight our clan?? he send getting friend to me so i approve it. because he has our clan tag. but yesterday he send a message to me. it s he want to get a code of game coupon. [link] m so i think he is our clan. he want it . i help him ok. i do login in xg4me via steam. after this, my steam id is hacked by someone. if someone login steam id [1%R]JeJuDo. that s not me..... i will try to recovery my id ....
[1%R] GameOver[LA]   ignore his messages. A lot of us got it too. he is now aware of it and is changing his steam password.
[1%R] LEGODOG   His steam account was hacked! Do not send your username and password in any non steam site!
[1%R] Bullet_MagnetDoes anyone play? I rarely see the server up
[1%R] Delta   I was on training. I will log today 6:30 P.M Pacf time
[1%R] GameOver[LA]   yes, always on. if not on the server on public servers but a lot of us are still playing.
[1%R] LEGODOG   Bullet, we play almost nightly if not in our server, others. Join our discord server and play other games like Apex, PUBG, and more.
=[O2K]=.AussieJackal   created a new thread I'm back bitches!! in the General Discussion forum
[1%R] LEGODOGREMINDER: You mush click the "Recruitment" tab and fill out our forum to become a member.

Signing up for the forum alone, does not give you the right to put on our clan tags!
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[1%R] GameOver[LA]PBBANS membership approved! OUR SERVER IS SECURED BY PBBANS AGAIN.
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[1%R] LEGODOG   created a new thread AntiCheatInc has permanently banned anyone using the... in the News & Updates forum
[1%R] Clan has reached a new hit record of 96 unique hits today!
[1%R] LEGODOG   added 30 Ultimate days to [1%R] Clan
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[1%R] Clan has reached a new hit record of 95 unique hits today!
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[1%R] LEGODOG   Funny, The day 1%R clan is banned from ACI, is the same day that we break a record?
[1%R] Clan has reached a new hit record of 85 unique hits today!
[1%R] LEGODOGI need an updated list of everyone who is interested in playing the the competitive league. Please let me know if you are interested!
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[1%R] LEGODOGDue to the high number of players online with 1%R tags, I would like to remind everyone that this is an invite only clan. Please apply before putting on our tags.

Check the members list for official members!
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[1%R] poosharker   i never applied.
SirMrMaam   registered to [1%R] Clan
[1%R] LEGODOGJchua going ham!
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[1%R] Inthel   Jchua Alive? Is 1%R on the come up again?!
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