As you may have heard, via Discord or other gossip, the 1%R clan has been banned from ever using ACI services.

For those unfamiliar with AntiCheatInc, they are a 3rd party company that provides free anticheat for first person shooter games, using PunkBuster anticheat.

This ban took place over the weekend, and was decided by a vote of the ACI staff. While we can only speculate why they banned us, some of our sources say it was due to an argument that took place over a year ago, as well as 1%R clan mishandling information.
We never had a good relationship with ACI, and many of us still used it to look up bans. This ban was out of the blue, and we were never given a chance to hear what was done wrong.

Please note, though we are banned from accessing their forums, we are not however, banned from playing on ACI Livesecure servers.

Keep fragging,